The sacrifice that Jesus made for you needs to occur only once, it is perfect, absolute and universal. All of your sins were pressed together in that one cup which Jesus drank for you. If you believe that Jesus did this to save you, you will experience the divine power in ‘the blood of the Lamb’ and all of your sins will be supernaturally removed from you.

If you only knew how much God wants to forgive your sins! He loves you eternally and moved heaven and earth to restore His relationship with you. His forgiveness knows no bounds! Whatever has happened, wherever you are from, no matter how badly you have sinned: God is standing here waiting to take you into His arms as His child and to forgive your sins20.

What can you give to God, who has created everything? The most beautiful thing you can give Him is the cup of your life filled with your sins. Then Jesus’ death will not have been in vain.

Father in heaven,

I know I need forgiveness for my sins in order to restore my relationship with You. I believe in the sacrifice that Jesus made for me. I confess all my sins and in this way I give my life-cup to Jesus. He has seen my sins, He has tasted my sins. Thank you, Lord Jesus, that You have drank my cup and that I am washed by Your precious blood and may experience all of my sins being forgiven.


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