Why you should be Born Again

The Bible teaches that sin has gained such power over you that the very essence of who you are has been changed into a sinful nature. Through the rebellion of Adam and Eve the power of sin has penetrated your life as well. The power of sin has strongly influenced your thoughts, your actions and your relationships. God has no faith at all in your sinful nature. It is hostile towards Him and does not subject itself to Him81. Your sinful nature tries to please Him but cannot possibly achieve this82. It is useless to God! In His eyes your sinful nature is hopeless and unchanging.

God knows like no other that you cannot change your sinful nature, no matter how hard you try. Not by reading your Bible, nor by praying or fasting. Even the Holy Spirit cannot change your sinful nature, because it cannot be transformed. Your sinful nature is irrevocable and therefore completely useless. It must be completely removed.

God shows you the truth in Jesus: your sinful nature must die. What you need is another life! And that would take a supernatural miracle: the miracle of the Cross. This is the reason why God included you in the crucifixion death of Jesus.

The man who wholly identified Himself with your sins, your sickness, the curse of your life and your death, wants you now to wholly identify yourself with Him. The Cross has made this possible. For it is here where your re-birth takes place. By believing that you have been crucified, died and risen again with Christ, you are born again and you will partake in the divine nature of Jesus83.

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adminWhy you should be Born Again