Break Free

Some Christians are trapped in the injustice of their past, keeping them in the role of a victim. They believe the lie that their life is determined by their past.

The truth is that the choices you make determine your life! The choices of yesterday determine in a large part the quality of your life today. If you believe in Jesus, then your life is no longer determined by what has been done to you, but by what has been done for you on the Cross. The truth is that Jesus became the victim in your place61. He does not want you to hold on to the role of a victim a minute longer, He wants you embrace the wonder of the Cross, so that His love can heal your heart.

In our church there is a cross, with a crown of thorns on it as a symbol for the curse: the results of sin in our lives. After my sermon on the fifth wonder of the Cross, a woman came forward to give the curse of her life to God. Someone handed her the crown of thorns and said: ‘Will you give the pain and injustice that have been inflicted on you to Jesus?’ I saw how much effort it took this woman to release the crown of thorns of her life. She held onto it so tightly that the thorns penetrated the skin of her hands.

How come we find this so difficult? Often the lie is so tightly entwined with our thoughts and actions that it first must be exposed. If the lies in which we have become ensnared are unmasked and traded for the truth, then we can break free from the results of sin: the guilt, the shame and being the victim.

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