The fourth miracle of the cross:


The Scourging

His Stripes bring you Healing

Look to Jesus!

Persevering and Doing God’s Will

His Stripes bring you Healing

Why did the body of Jesus, which had never known disease, have to be so mutilated that people could no longer recognize Him47? Why did Jesus have to suffer in such a terrible way that people could no longer bear to look at Him? Could He not have died in a different – less horrific – manner? What kind of father would ask his son to go trough something so awful? If the suffering of Jesus was of no meaning or value whatsoever, then it would have been better if He died for us in a less horrific way. If this were the case, then God would not have allowed Jesus to suffer the way He did. So what is the use of this suffering?

The mutilation of Jesus’ body has a very deep meaning. Just as the Man without sin became sin because of your sin, in the same way all of our sicknesses were laid on the Man without sickness. Jesus took every destructive and incurable disease upon Himself in every whip lash which shredded His perfect body. In this way He became ‘acquainted’ with all of our sicknesses and diseases48.

There is no destructive disease that Jesus did not bear in His body during the mutilating scourging. That is why the Bible says that your attention should be fixed on Jesus: ‘Christ Himself carried our sins in His body to the cross, so that we might die to sin and live for righteousness. It is by His wounds that you have been healed’49.

Just as Jesus drank our cup – which was filled to the brim with our sins – in Gethsemane, in the same way He took our sicknesses upon Himself with every lash of the whip. Isaiah cried out ‘By His wounds you are healed50!’ God wants you to look up to the destroyed and deformed body of Jesus. In His inhumane mutilation lies your supernatural healing.

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adminHis Stripes bring you Healing