Jesus’ Beard was Ripped Out

Annas sent Jesus, who was still tied up, to the High Priest Caiaphas to be judged by the High Council. There was not yet an official accusation. They hurriedly drummed up a few prosecutors and brought them in. The testimonies were false, however, and contradicted each other.

Jesus was abused twice during the interrogation and the hearing of false testimonies, both times until He bled. During this abuse Jesus was not only ridiculed, spat upon and hit in the face, but the hairs of His beard were ripped out of His cheeks until He bled just as the prophet Isaiah foretold: ‘I bared my back to those who beat Me. I did not stop them when they insulted Me, when they pulled out the hairs of my beard and spit in my face’33. For the third time the blood of Jesus was sprinkled on the earth.

This brings us to the third wonder of the Cross: the blood of Jesus not only cleanses your heart from sin, it not only frees you from the accusations of the evil one, but the blood of Jesus will also cleanse your conscience which accuses you from the inside out: ‘That’s why His blood is much more powerful and makes our consciences clear. Now we can serve the living God and no longer do things that lead to death’34.

Meanwhile Caiaphas put Jesus under oath to speak the truth: ‘Tell us if You are the Messiah, the Son of God.’ Jesus answered him, ‘So you say. But I tell all of you: from this time on you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right side of the Almighty!’ Caiaphas exploded in rage, tore his clothes and shouted: ‘He is blaspheming God! What shall we do with Him?’ The members of the High Council shouted: ‘He must be put to death!’

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adminJesus’ Beard was Ripped Out