In Christ, God does not See your Sins

In the Old Testament God already showed you what it means to be approved and accepted ‘in Christ’. The lamb which was sacrificed in the temple for forgiveness of sins, had to be free of defects or flaws. There could not be anything wrong with him. The lamb was to be perfect.

When a believer was on his way to the temple with his sacrificial lamb, then the people knew he had really sinned. He endured their curious and disapproving looks, feeling ashamed and guilty. But once he was at the temple, then he did not need to be afraid the priest would reject him. In contrast to the people, the priest was not at all interested in the sinful past of the believer. He did not see how shoddy his clothes were. He did not notice that he had not bathed himself for quite some time. The eyes of the priest were focussed solely on the lamb. If the lamb was perfect, then the evildoer was accepted by God!

Praise God for providing a perfect Lamb! Because no one can comment on your Lamb, you are approved and accepted by God. God now sees you ‘in Christ’ – the Lamb of God – as pure, holy, righteous and perfect. No matter what happens: God does not see your sins, He sees you ‘in Christ’! Maybe you are thinking that you are still a sinner when you have sinned again. You feel guilty because you have tripped up. Then you must remember the story of the priest and the sacrificial lamb! It is not what you think, feel or do which determines your identity, but what Jesus – the Lamb of God – has done for you! Based on your relationship with Jesus, you are completely accepted by God.

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adminIn Christ, God does not See your Sins