In Christ, God cannot keep His Eyes off You

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Maybe you do not see yourself as valuable, because you still believe what others say about you. Maybe you do not feel loved and accepted, because you are still burdened by the results of rejection. Maybe you do not feel good enough, because you are stumbling after Jesus. But listen carefully: it is not what you think, feel or do which determines your identity, but what Jesus has done for you!

A friend of Job explains how God looks at you ‘in Christ’. They are prophetic words: ‘He does not take his eyes off the righteous, he enthrones them with kings and exalts them forever97!’ Being righteous means that you have been approved and accepted for one hundred percent by God because He sees you ‘in Christ’ from now on because of the wonder of the Cross.

Because Christ is pure, God now sees you ‘in Christ’ as pure! 
Because Christ is holy, God now sees you ‘in Christ’ as holy! 
Because Christ is righteous, God now sees you ‘in Christ’ as righteous! 
Because Christ is perfect, God now sees you ‘in Christ’ as perfect!

This does not mean that you are to do your best to become pure, holy, righteous and perfect. God already sees you as pure, holy, righteous and perfect ‘in Christ’, because you have become an unbreakable unity with Jesus. That is the secret of being ‘in Christ’! God places you as a king on the throne and exalts you forever in Him! Do you dare to believe that that is how God looks at you? You may accept it as a special gift and make it completely yours!

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adminIn Christ, God cannot keep His Eyes off You