How God Sees you in Christ

You will only start to believe you are truly valuable, when you have discovered the secret of who you are ‘in Christ’ and how God now looks at you ‘in Christ’. Only when you know who you are ‘in Christ’ can you solve your personal and spiritual problems and can you find your freedom ‘in Christ’.

Many times Paul speaks about who you are ‘in Christ’. ‘In Christ’ means that you are one with Christ. This unbreakable unity with Christ has two sides to it according to Paul: ‘Christ was without sin, but for our sake God made Him share our sin in order that in union with Him we might share the righteousness of God’93.

On the one hand ‘in Christ’ means that Jesus chose to make Himself so one with you, that He allowed God to lay your sins on Him. Jesus was made sin with your sin and allowed God to lay the punishment on Him94. Jesus allowed Himself to be crucified in your name in order to die in your place95. What did God see when He looked from heaven and saw the Cross? When God looked at the Cross, He did not see Jesus, but you!

On the other hand being ‘in Christ’ means that you may now become one with Jesus. If you believe that you have been crucified, have died and been resurrected with Jesus, then not only are your sins forgiven but you have also become a whole new creation (2 Corinth 5:17). You receive a new heart: the heart of Jesus is now beating in you. And you have received a new spirit: the Spirit of Jesus who now lives in you. What does God see when He looks at you now from Heaven? From now on God always sees you ‘in Christ’. That is why He cannot keep His eyes off of you!

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