The Seven Wonders

The last eighteen hours before Jesus’ death were completely in control of God the Father. God initiated each event. Executed by sinful Roman soldiers.

The seven times that Jesus bled did not accidentally occur. Each bloodshed was a prophetic move, hundreds of years earlier predicted, wanted and initiated by God.

With these prophetic moves the Great Director wants to make clear to us what the wonder of the Cross means to us:

The wonder of forgiveness
The wonder of salvation
The wonder of cleansing
The wonder of healing
The wonder of deliverance
The wonder of reconciliation
The wonder of the re-birth

Just as the high priest on the great day of atonement was ordered to sprinkle the blood of the sacrificial animal seven times on the earth, the blood of Jesus drenched the earth seven times.

We as human beings are also made of the earth. We were created from dust and we will return to it as dust. Vulnerable, breakable, but so loved by God, the Father.

When we believe that Jesus gave His blood in a perfect way for us, His blood will also penetrate our life and work wonder after wonder.

Albert van der HeideHOMEPAGE