We cannot make Reconciliation Take Place

Because you have sinned, your relationship with God has become so severely disturbed that God even describes your relationship with Him in the Bible as hostile: ‘At one time you were far away from God and were His enemies because of the evil things you did and thought71.’ That is quite some description. In God’s eyes your way of living is hostile to everything which He had originally planned and thought of. It goes against everything in Him. Without reconciliation there is no relationship possible with Him!

The Hebrew word for ‘reconciliation’ means that you owe the other person something, that you must offer them something in exchange to pay off the debt. Because the hostility has been caused by you and I, and we are the ones who owe something, we should therefore offer God something to pay off the debt and bring about reconciliation. In order to change our hostility to friendship.

We should actually approach God and say: ‘God, we have decided that we want to make things right with You. Tell us what we need to do!’ But what can we offer God to reconcile our relationship with Him? Our good intentions? ‘God, we promise that we will never do that again!’ Our intentions are worthless in the eyes of God. We can promise Him all we want that we will never sin again, He knows that we will not be able to do this by ourselves. He knows that this is not feasible.

The problem of sin will never be solved from the human side. God loves you so much that He took the initiative to reconcile you to Himself. He sent His Son to fix the relationship between you and Him.

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adminWe cannot make Reconciliation Take Place