Wilkin van de Kamp (1961) is married to Aukje. They have four sons and four granddaughters. After having been a pastor for a charismatic church for unity and reconciliation for twenty years, Wilkin is now a full-time writer and speaker at national and international conferences since 2010. As of now Wilkin has written more than twenty books, including many best-sellers. His books have been translated in multiple languages.

Wilkin is truly focussed on reconciliation and headed up the national movement Wij kiezen voor eenheid (We choose unity) in the Netherlands. On October 6th 2012, he was the host of the “Nationale ontmoetingsdag van verootmoediging en verzoening” (National day of abasement and reconciliation) in the Hague. National leaders and about three thousand Christians from many churches confessed their guilt to God and each other, of speaking about and dealing negatively with the other in the past. This day is viewed as a breakthrough in the ecumenism of the churches in the Netherlands.

Wilkin is co-founder and ambassador for the Christian humanitarian NGO Pan de Vida. There are 33 children’s restaurants which have been set up in different slums in Peru, where children receive a free, healthy meal once a day, every day. Two child care facilities and one orphanage have also been set up. Their adopted son Carlos and his wife Mariela live in Arequipa and are directors for the different projects.

In the past years Wilkin has set up his own publishing company, Bibleschool, trainingschool, magazine and many TV programs. He wants to share the deliverance message of God’s love through all of this. The Bible teaching of Wilkin is founded on the following principles:

• Your identity in Christ
• Freedom in Christ
• Unity in Christ

The website www.the7wonders.eu has been set up to help the church around the world make the message of the Cross it’s central theme.

You can invite Wilkin to come and hold The Seven Wonders Crusade in your city. It will be a life changing experience for many! Click here for more information.